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Our professional detectives are not only experienced in Background Investigations, Surveillance, Asset Searches, and Trial Preparation, many are former State and Federal Law Enforcement personnel. With more than 100 years of combined experience, we can offer you the peace of mind you need when tackling tough or delicate Personal, Corporate or Legal issues. We are recognized as one of the top-rated Atlanta Private Investigator agencies. Give us a call; We can help you find the truth!

We specialize in Divorce and Child Custody cases, as well as high-level Corporate cases involving embezzlement and at-risk corporate assets, corporate fraud, along with criminal cases for which surveillance or witness interviewing may be necessary. Our professional and unobtrusive way of handling each and every case sets us apart from other agencies. Our Atlanta Private Detectives pride themselves in protecting your privacy as well as bringing about justice and providing closure to those involved in the cases we investigate.


Please allow Silent Partner PI, your local Atlanta Private Investigation Service, to assist you with your crisis by calling 770-516-1205


What are private detectives?

Private detectives are the same as police detectives, however, they do not work for the government- they work for private individuals and companies.

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