10 Signs that Your Spouse Could Be Cheating

If you suspect your spouse of cheating you need to look out for the most common cheating spouse signs.  Accusing your spouse of cheating will usually result in resentment and will only make them hide the affair better.  These signs of infidelity can help you begin to collect information to reveal the truth.

  1. Your spouse is withdrawn
    You may find that your husband or wife suddenly starts to indicate that they want to spend time away from you.  They may be busy with appointments or running late coming home from work.
  2. Your spouse in unavailable
    You may find that your spouse will not answer your calls or texts for long periods of time.  You will have a hard time reaching them and when questioned he or she may become defensive and irate.
  3. Wedding ring
    Your spouse may have misplaced or just stopped wearing a wedding ring.
  4. Your spouse is argumentative
    You may find that your spouse will suddenly find reasons to pick fights in normal conversations.  He or she may criticize you or find fault with things that have never bothered them in the past.
  5. Your spouse is physically distant
    You may notice that your spouse is no longer be affectionate and has become withdrawn and distant.  He or she may stop saying “I love you.”
  6. Appearance changes
    Your spouse may be trying to attract some one new with new clothes and or hairstyle.
  7. Paranoia
    Your spouse may suddenly become defensive and paranoid.  He or she may accuse you of trying to check up on them.
  8. Changes
    Taste in music, new opinions and differences in speech may be present all of a sudden when a spouse is cheating.
  9. Accusations
    Your spouse may accuse you of cheating and may suddenly start trying to check up on you.
  10. Looking ahead
    Your spouse may stop talking of any future plans and will refuse to make any long term commitments such as buying a house, car, getting a pet, or discuss having children.
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