5 Things To Consider in Hiring A Private Investigator

Many people do not know what to expect when hiring a personal investigator.  Most have never had reason to and are clueless as to what they should look for.  Here are some helpful tips about what you should consider when hiring a Private Investigator.

  1.  Meet face to face. Do not hire a  private investigator based solely on a phone call.  Make an appointment and meet with him at his office. Make sure he and his staff are professional, successful, and that you feel confident in his capabilities  in handling your case.
  2. Do not choose a private investigator based on a low fee.  In some cases a low fee can be an indication that he does not have a good reputation or the experience in getting the results needed to be able to demand higher rates.  Be sure that when you are given a price for your case, that there will be no extra hidden costs or fees.  Find out what type of guarantees are offered and request a printed copy of a quote for services.
  3. Make sure the investigator is experienced in handling your specific type of case.  Be sure to request references from previous clients and ask to see a sample report to ensure that he will provide extensive easy to read details and quality photos.
  4. Be certain to choose an investigator that is licensed by the state’s Department of Homeland Security. Make sure he or she has the certification proving that they have been trained though study, background investigations, and have completed formal, written exams.
  5. Ask if the private investigator has state of the art equipment such as real time GPS trackers.  In many scenarios, GPS trackers can be invaluable in bring a case to a quick and safe close. Using this equipment can reduce the chance of an investigation being compromised and cut the man hours needed to complete the case.
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