Child Support

Private Investigator Services during child support investigations

Atlanta Child Custody Investigation Service

What is a Child Support/Custody Investigation?
Support: Studies have shown that some parents even move or will change their identity just to avoid paying child support. In most cases, the law enforcement agents and child services will not have the time or resources to find and enforce non-paying parents to pay child support.  This is where a child support investigator can help.

Custody: Awarding custody to a parent in a divorce is almost always based on information which is up to date at the time of the divorce. But as we all know life can bring changes without changing the custody arrangements. One parent could start a new relationship with someone who has a bad influence on your child/children or who can even be dangerous.

What Can Silent Partner Do?
We are recognized as a leading Atlanta Private Investigator Service. Our pricing is affordable and straightforward. In cases where your child’s welfare is in danger, whether financial or physical, turning to one of our child support/ child custody investigators will give you the tools and information you need make sure that your child/children remain safe and financially secure.  We can help!  Call 770-516-1205.

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