Fraud Investigations

Avoid fraud by hiring an Atlanta PI

Atlanta Fraud Investigation Service

What Is A Fraud & Theft Investigation?
Fraud means to involve misrepresentation with intent to deceive. If a company or individual makes specific promises about a product, for example, in order to sell that product, they might be guilty of fraud if they are aware that the product does not work as advertised. Fraud is a very real and costly problem in today’s world, and it causes not only loss of money but also loss of life and serious injuries. A fraud investigation tries to determine whether fraud has taken place and tries to detect evidence if fraud has occurred.

What Can Silent Partner Do?
When you have been a victim of fraud &/or theft, investing in one of Silent Partner PI’s investigators can be the first step to getting compensation or your money back.  For more information, contact your trusted Atlanta Private Investigator at 770-516-1205.

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