Signs My Spouse is Doing More than Just Working Late

If you feel that your spouse is being unfaithful, a slew of thoughts and emotions are more than likely running through your mind. Perhaps you see a few signs: maybe your spouse is not as affectionate as they once were, or simple intuition tells you that they are up to no good. However you made the conclusion, the feeling that you are being cheated on is never a good one.

Even if the relationship is all but over, learning that your spouse is seeking out others can be a very detrimental blow. Infidelity plays a key role in many divorces today. A lot of people are turning to private investigative services to find the terrible truth: an overwhelming amount of couples have experienced infidelity to an extent. If you are still on the fence or uncertain, there are a few telltale signs that your spouse is doing more than just working late.

Increasing Time Away From Home
Was your spouse once much more involved with their home life? Did they suddenly start staying out more, extending their days or make excuses for staying out late most nights? This is a sign that they may be doing more than they are admitting. Many men and women claim that when they found that their spouse was being unfaithful, spending more time away from home was a sign that they first noticed. This time expended as the spouse got deeper into their affair. If your spouse has only just begun to extend their “days at the office,” this is not necessarily a sign that they have cheated, but it could be a sign that they are well on their way down that path.

Less Romantic Moments
A huge giveaway that your spouse is being unfaithful is that the sexual interactions between the two of you become few and far between. Of course, life happens and there could be many other reasons that your intimate life has declined, but if you pair this sign with your spouse staying out later than usual often, there is cause for suspicion. Romance may deplete in more areas than just the bedroom. Your spouse might stop hugging, kissing or being affectionate towards you, period. Your spouse might even avoid coming in contact with you all together. There are varying levels of decrease, but all are clues that you should not dismiss.

More Fights
If your spouse is doing more than “just working late,” their guilty conscience might translate into several different emotions. The most common is spite. This often comes out in hateful, disagreeing language or actions that cause more fights within your relationship. They might be more critical of you, which is a response that is used to justify their own poor actions.

If you are suspicious that your spouse is doing more than spending longer nights at the office, hiring a private investigator is a sure way to learn the truth. For more information on investigative services, visit our divorce investigations page or contact a professional at Silent Partner today.

Meta: An overwhelming amount of couples have experienced infidelity to an extent. There are a few telltale signs that your spouse is doing more than just working late.

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