Fact or Fiction: What a Real Life Private Detective Does

There is a lot of mystery and intrigue surrounding the private detective industry.  When many people think of a private investigator, they either imagine a man in a trench coat and a pipe or a Hollywood-style action hero following suspects around in a speedy sports car.

These romanticized views can mean that the general public is confused as to what it is a private detective actually does.  If you have ever wondered about the actual work that a private detective does then this article should help answer some of those questions.

To start, one of the most common tasks that a private investigator does is surveillance.  This helps to provide a starting point for most types of investigation. By conducting surveillance an investigator can discover many different types of information about the case. This information can include identifying the work place of the person they are investigating, who the person spends their time with, and where they live.  The information gathered in surveillance is extremely useful because it provides a clue as to what other sources of information would be helpful when advancing the investigation.

Another useful service private detectives provide is conducting background checks on people to discover information about them.  Background checks can reveal any suspicious activity that the person has done in the past and can be used to connect with or verify information already gathered in the investigation.  Background checks are useful to many different types of clients ranging from individuals to large companies wanting to uncover any suspicious past activities of those they are considering hiring.  Many people may want to conduct background checks on potential babysitters, cleaning services, contractors or other positions that require a level of trust from a stranger.

Private detectives can also be helpful to businesses that have suspicious activities occurring at their company. One method is to have a private investigator go undercover in a company to uncover cases of employee theft or corporate espionage. Other ways include a private detective company conducting a security audit for a business that needs a security system or an improvement upon their existing system.

Some private detective agencies also provide computer forensic services.  These services include data recovery which can help uncover deleted documents; this can be especially useful in domestic cases.  Other technology services provided can aid in dealing with internet-related crime.

As you can see there is a wide variety of tasks that a private detective deals with on a regular basis.  These above mentioned skills, in addition to others, are what a good investigator uses in order to conduct an investigation that suits the needs of their client.

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