Meet the Equalizer

equalizerIntroducing the equalizer; a handy non-lethal self-defense weapon that is an ideal tool for almost anyone to carry.  At first glance it appears more like a symbol of a playful kitty.  But let me tell you; this kitty can turn into a lion when needed.  This will give the carrier the power to equalize an attempted attack or to use as a deterrent.

Great to use whether one is walking to their car, jogging, hiking, cycling or any places that give off negative vibes. The equalizer provides the power to disable your attacker long enough for you to get away.

The device is comfortable to hold and constructed to break away from your keys if they are grabbed out of your hands. It may also be easily carried separately from your keys if you are doing an activity.

Here is a big secret. Your private investigation team at Silent Partner PI wants you to be safe. Call or email us and find out how to get your “Equalizer” for free!

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