Private Investigator vs. Online Services for Nanny Background Checks

Nanny Background CheckFinding a safe and reliable nanny for your child can be an intimidating endeavor. Many parents experience anxiety over trusting another individual with the care of their child. A nanny is a person who provides your child with daily care and education while you are working or taking care of other major responsibilities. This person is normally charged with very personal tasks and spends a large amount of time with your child or multiple children.

This means that your nanny will build a very close relationship with them and be a big part of their life. Naturally, only the very best nanny will do and you will need to be able to trust that they are a reliable person and have a clean background. Hiring a private investigator to conduct an Atlanta criminal background check of your new potential nanny, rather than an online service, will help to put your mind at ease.

What are Background Checks?

A background check looks into the private history of an individual. While most applications ask for the information that is uncovered via a background check, it is easy to fabricate paperwork. The only way to verify that the information that your potential nanny has provided is the truth is to have a background check performed. This will reveal everything from character references to incarceration records.

Why Not an Online Service?

Online services offering background checks, otherwise known as background screenings, are a dime a dozen. These are convenient, but the majority of these services are priced well above their worth and can return unreliable results. It is easy to confuse information during entry processing, such as similar names. You, the unsuspecting employer, will never know the difference if you are given information on a person who is different from the one you are trying to hire as your child’s nanny. Many of these online services are not true, credible investigative agencies.

What Can a Private Investigator Do?

By hiring a private investigator, you can guarantee that the information you receive on your potential nanny will be both factual and correct. Some of the important information that you will receive will include:

  • Employment History
  • Education
  • Criminal Background
  • Credit Check (with signed consent)
  • Screening for Drugs
  • Reference Interviews

This information is critical to ensuring that you are putting your child in the care of an individual that is safe and reliable. Hiring an unsafe nanny can lead to very serious consequences. Mitigate against this risk with the very best defense: a professional background check by a private investigative service.

Hiring a nanny for your child can be an intimidating task, but an investigative service that gives factual background checks, such as Silent Partner Investigative Services, can help to put your mind at ease. For more information, visit our criminal background check page or contact a representative today.

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