4 Possible Reasons to Hire a Private Detective

Metro Atlanta covers a large geographic area and includes over 5 million people.  The people included in the city and its surrounding counties live a variety of different lifestyles and have varied interests.  This means there is a wide variety of different problems and situations that arise in the daily lives of Georgians.  While not everyone needs a private detective to deal with their problems there are some cases in which hiring a private investigator can make a difference.

Here are 4 of the top reasons people hire private investigators to help in their lives.


Unfortunately, one of the most common problems people face in their lives is the possibility that their spouse or partner is unfaithful.  What is often the most difficult parts in a situation of possible infidelity is the lack of proof and definitive knowledge of cheating.  It is a confusing situation to be in because it’s hard to know how to react to the situation if you are unsure if the cheating is real or imagined. In cases of divorce, being able to discover and provide documented evidence of infidelity can make a huge difference.  That is why private detectives are often hired when there is suspicion of infidelity, in order to not only discover, but also document whether the spouse or partner has been unfaithful.

Missing Persons

In the case of missing children, police will do their best to investigate kidnappings, runaways, and parental kidnappings, however their resources are stretched thin and their jurisdiction often limits them when it comes to national or international kidnapping situations.  There are other situations in which the police cannot help, such as when a runaway is no longer a minor, in confusing custody situations, or when trying to track down long-lost family members or loved ones who are not in current danger but need to be located.  In these situations, hiring your own experienced investigator is your best bet.


Many people face harassment and stalking whether it be online or in person.  If this is happening then you have a right to know who is doing this and to have it stopped.  Sadly, it is difficult to obtain proof of a stalker or harasser’s activities and without this there is little the police can do.  Even a restraining order can lack usefulness if you are unable to provide proof that your stalker is violating it. For this reason(,) many people turn to a private detective in order to catch them in the act and provide documented evidence that the police can use.

Child Support/Custody

In order to avoid child support responsibilities some parents will change their name, move, or attempt any number of other methods of avoidance.  The issue of custody is a complicated matter that is important and must be handled carefully. In some situations the factors affecting custody may have changed since the divorce, such as one parent becoming involved in a relationship with someone who is a bad influence on the child/children, or a parent engaging in a new dangerous habit.  In any situation when the safety and wellbeing of a child is concerned, a private detective can help to uncover and document evidence to aid in custody and child support cases.

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