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Business World

Today the world has become more complicated. People are using technology to steal data and valuable company information. In a world where information is king is one your trusted employees being a little dishonest?

This type of technological theft can be costly. Trade secrets and other valuable materials may be leaked.

Cheating Spouses Using Apps

Today spouses are using technology to hide affairs. Some apps for chat allow certain designated people’s text not to show up on their main text account. Is your partner hiding something? We can find the truth!

  • Fox Private Message: Just shake the phone and it will erase all your text messages or you can send a pre-programmed text to activate a code to erase all content from your phone. It can also hide certain people messages or text entirely unless one knows the app access code.
  • TigerText: This app allows one to send text messages with a timer that automatically deletes the text. So you don’t have to depend on who you are texting to deleting your messages.
  • SlyDial: This app is the famous no reception excuse. It allows one to bypass their number and goes directly to their voicemail. It allows one to call back using this app and say I tried calling you back my call went to your voicemail.
  • Private SMS & Call: This android app creates a blacklist of your choice of contacts where your call logs and text messages will be hidden for those contacts.

Private Investigations

Silent Partner PI has years of experience handling private investigation that takes the resources and the know how to help their clients find the truth. If you want to know more if someone is using technology to steal on the business level or to enable an affair; we can help!

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