Top 10 Signs of a Cheater

It is often difficult to tell if your spouse or partner is engaging in an affair and it is important to know when you should be worried enough to contact a private detective. The following are ten of the top signs that your significant other is cheating. If two or more of these signs fit your situation then you should consider taking steps to discover the truth.

  1. Hiding of cell phone or cell phone bill
  1. Increased computer use such as always checking email, using the computer late at night, suddenly minimizing windows when you enter the room, increased use of instant messenger or creating online profiles
  1. Sudden increased interest in appearance such as purchasing new wardrobe, suddenly wearing makeup or cologne when leaving the house, working out more often, new hairstyle or desire to purchase a new vehicle
  1. Lack of interest in sex
  1. Extreme mood swings
  1. Inability to account for time and lack of explanations for where they have been
  1. Interested in going out with friends, working late more often or spending time with people you do not know
  1. Says that you are paranoid or accuses you of cheating yourself
  1. Your gut-instinct tells you that they are cheating
  2. Discovery of suspicious or unexplainable receipts or credit card charges

If some of the signs are familiar to you then there is a good chance that your significant other could be cheating.  If you suspect infidelity it is in your best interest to contact a private investigator to discover the truth and obtain proof of your spouse’s activities.

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